Curtis Dayne bio pic

Curtis Dayne - recording artist, producer, songwriter

Like many artists, He developed his stage performance abilities through the Club scene for a few years. He quickly discovered the value of songwriting, and was approached by NYC producer Jephte Guillaume for a collaboration on a single for "the Maestro" 's soundtrack. This  collaboration still endures today with the release of a hot new single "it's alright" on the international scene. He also had the chance to work with talented producers Marcus Kane, Sony Black and a couple more from the Montreal scene, perfecting his songwriting and producing skills.

He is the founding member of a project involving other artists, a new platform called "nofoolz" , a hybrid approach to the Urban genre. Curtis Dayne who has known rapper Daforce a.k.a Force dog for some years was recently contacted by Unknown Source music’s rep James Johnson to join the the roster not primarily as an artist but as a producer song writer. He wears the jersey # 0 for Unknown Source Music. Curtis Dayne is currently working on his current single with NoFoolz and is also contributing his efforts to the Unknown Source Music mixed tape slotted for the summer of 2012