crysto bio pic

Crysto a.k.a Clear the poetic and prolific rapping writer is recognized for his soothing medium to fast paced lyrical jabs. Crysto is a true artist in every sense he is a cartoonist, writes poetry and is abnormally keen and precise in his vocal delivery. He was brought in to the rap game by rapper Daforce a.k.a force Dog who wears the # 13 for Unknown Source Music, while Crysto bares the # 23 for Unknown Source Music.

The two have taken the leadership role in welcoming the newer artists to the label. Even though not is much known about Crysto Clear almost everyone that has crossed paths with him have all came to the same conclusion, that he is a man of few words and prefers to show than rather talk.

Crysto has ghost wrote for many artist some of who we listen to on commercial radio. Unknown Source Music is currently working on his upcoming and anticipated single “Man up” slotted for release in june of 2012.